Saturday, December 9, 2017

MILLIONAIRE MINDSET : 6 Steps to a wealthy life (chapter 3)

Title: MILLIONAIRE MINDSET : 6 Steps to a wealthy life
Writer: Rasheda Khatun

Chapter 3
I'm In Love With Money

What is money literaly
     For several people, money is not the important one for their life. But in every activities, money is need. People who told it, probably have the bad relationship with money. You may not find happiness if you always disagreeing it.

Your system about money
     Tell us all about money in your opinion. These are maybe in your opinion.
Is the means to pay for life
Gives you a rich lifestyle
Feeds the poor
Gives you freedom and independence
Causes relationship problems when there is a lack of it
Causes illnesses when there is a lack of it
Makes you greedy
Makes others envious
Can create assumptions about you
Is empowering
Gives you control, satisfaction and confidence
Can buy you beautiful things
Can buy you beautiful moments
Brings you security and safety
Is the result of working hard
Can come easily
Should be distributed to the poor
Helps me achieve my goals and my dreams
Is the backbone of an economic structure
Makes a business work
Is essential

     You must be aware of what you belief of money and this puts you "at choice". Money can be whatever you choose it to be. By doing this, you must deciding for yourself what kind of relationship you want with money- yours and other people. Finally, its provider for the life we want. 

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