Thursday, December 14, 2017

MILLIONAIRE MINDSET : 6 Steps to a wealthy life (chapter 5)

Title: MILLIONAIRE MINDSET : 6 Steps to a wealthy life

Writer: Rasheda Khatun

Chapter 5
Money Brings Happiness

Relizing your dreams, ambitions and goals

Money is the connection between your dreams, ambitions and goals and the physical actualization of it. Money brings the physical experience of those dreams and goals. Think about the two form of happiness: emotional fulfillment and physical fulfillment. So, work with physical fulfillment and write down all the physical things that makes you happy.

Money matters not only for what it gives us but for what if gives others too. Working with charities is a great way to feel instant happiness.

Real value of money

Here, make a list that don’t get more than 5 minutes for answer what is the value of money. After that, match with your action from money to make you happy. Do more of what makes you happy.  

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