Thursday, December 14, 2017

MILLIONAIRE MINDSET : 6 Steps to a wealthy life (chapter 4)

Title: MILLIONAIRE MINDSET : 6 Steps to a wealthy life

Writer: Rasheda Khatun

Chapter 4
Dual Thinking

Being emotionally connected

Spirituality is completely different from wealth, but they can actually work together. Many successful teachers and  leaders believe that our emotions desire and dreams are the source of what creates our physical life. They belive that our charitable acts and love for other comes back to us via karma and creates our world.

Dual thinking is the ability to hold two values at the same time. With dual thinking you can have both. Both can exist at the same time and you can link them. You change your believe system. Try it now you no longer subscribe to the view that the richer you get the less spiritual you are. Choose the believe that being wealthy does not mean you become arogan and selfish. You can be the best person you can be and still give to others and be incredibily rich yourself, if that’s what you choose, being rich is your soulful right.

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