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MILLIONAIRE MINDSET : 6 Steps to a wealthy life (chapter 2)

Title: MILLIONAIRE MINDSET : 6 Steps to a wealthy life
Writer: Rasheda Khatun

Chapter 2
Pay You First

     Paying yourself first works as a strategy that makes will change your bad thought to be better thought. Now, the mind is how to make the strategy of "pay you first" work for you. It's easy if you desperate to change your live .

Finding value in you
     The value of you, is important to change your live. Why? because the value you have help you to motivate yourself in your daily. So, you must know what is your value.
      Think about consequences of you. If you being here or not being able to provide, what happen. Learn this : "You can truly only serve others once you have served yourself. Why? Because then, you’ll be at your maximum capacity. You will be happy, content and an example. Make no mistake – your emotional state makes a huge difference to your performance no matter what you’re doing. It's a
very big deal."
Taking action
     In this step, you must have a list of your goal that show in first chapter before. So, cross the list where have the "savings" context. Your savings should be the first item on your list. Then, write again the list that the saving in first.
     Why we must to saving? because the requirement in our live is always there. if we don't saving, we can delay our requirement and not fulfilled. So, begin your saving today.

     Make your live easy is a good way to develop your habit and make the process as possible. Probably by applying  A team (Allocation, Automation, Accountability) make you easy to saving.

  • Allocation : Knowing how much to save.
  • Automatically : Automate the save in your bank.
  • Accountability : Rich your goal with your friend together.

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