Saturday, April 28, 2018

My Experience Reading English and Indonesian Journal

This is my opinion about reading english and indonesian journal... Soon...

Saturday, April 7, 2018

Analysis part of the article

I'll show you analysis of my article, the title is Developing speaking skills using three communicative activities (discussion, problem -solving, and role playing)

1. Abstract
     The author show that learning by using three communicative activities are effective. it seem from pretest and posttest that the number of post test is higher than pretest.

2. Introduction
     On study EFL (English Foreign Language) speaking is one of the important thing. in the research, it is the difficult one for several student to reach the skill in EFL. in this journal, the author tried to use the three communicative activities for develop students skill in speaking.

3. method
     The method of the research is using qualitative with test and questionnaire, and qualitative with interview.

4. Result
     The result of the research is by using three communicative activities is effective because there are development from the student. it show by using pretest and posttest that the number of posttest is higher than pretest. 

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