Tuesday, March 20, 2018

The difficult finding the scientific articles

Hello guys...
Today I'll share what I done to finish my assignment.

Article is one of way to search a source. Today, we can search the article easily like in google because all of material available there. In other side, I have some problem to find the good scientific article especially in google. Google is a big search engine, we can search everything to know everything in google. But, we must smart in pick because the the truth and wrong. My problem is about searching scientific article in google.  

Telling about article, the kind of article is not only scientific article. When we search in google with keyword "article", there are several kind of article. not only the scientific article, when we search it we can find much of them is article of news. so, if we search what we mean scientific article just find a little from it, and it is my  problem.

I have heard the solutions for my problem if we want to search scientific article in google. First, we have to search the link about article center. so, we can search scientific article in the link. and it works. 

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